Polycarbonate for Replacement Lighting Lenses and Covers

Trinseo polycarbonate solutions for the replacement lamp market provide best-­in-­class properties in UL ratings, melt flow, light transmission, and diffusion making them a preferred option in the industry.

When it comes to replacement lamps, three major targets are in every manufacturer’s sights: transmission/diffusion balance, wall thickness, and cost. Trinseo’s portfolio of resins and customized polycarbonate-based solutions for replacement bulbs and tubes hits the mark on each one.

With more than a decade of innovation and experience behind these materials, they are specifically designed to optimize the balance between light transmission and light diffusion. Variable melt flows allow precision in manufacturing to meet exact specifications for thickness. Plus, our commitment to regulatory compliance ensures that UL flammability performance requirements are met.

Available for injection molding, injection blow molding, and profile and sheet extrusion processes, these materials are suitable for various lighting applications, including:

  • Bulb and tube covers
  • Spotlight and down light lenses

Our polycarbonate resins for lighting lenses and covers offer long-term heat resistance, UV resistance, and outstanding durability, and some are suited and certified for outdoor applications according to UL746C standards.

To find out more about how we can help you in the lighting marketplace, get in touch with a Trinseo representative or use the additional resources offered below.

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