Polycarbonate, ABS and TPE for Patient- and Provider-Friendly Medical Devices

Backed by a global infrastructure and industry-recognized regulatory compliance expertise, Trinseo offers material solutions for single- and multiple-use devices (SUDs and MUDs) designed with the end user in mind.

Whether your needs are for high melt flow, dimensional stability, chemical resistance, colorability, or clarity, Trinseo resins offer ideal solutions. We also offer materials that resist color shift following gamma or electron beam radiation (radiation-stabilized polycarbonate) and glass-filled resins for applications requiring a high stiffness.

Our newest platform of wear-resistant, high lubricity grades, designed for when plastic parts need to move freely over other materials is ideal for surgical instruments where the force required to activate a device needs to be predictable and consistent without hesitation. This platform of materials relies on a range of lubricants, additives, and other reinforcements including polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), silicone, glass filler, and can be formulated to very exact performance properties. 

Trinseo thermoplastics and thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) are the preferred choice of global manufacturers and molders for single- and multiple-use devices ranging from surgical instruments and trocars to IV drip chambers and stopcocks to vacuum caps, seals, and gaskets.

Our materials are versatile and aligned with customer needs. They’re fully or partially ISO 10993 biocompatibility tested [Medical Grade (MED) or Skin-Contact Grade (SK)] and can be used in injection molding or overmolding applications to enhance the appearance, surface feel, or ergonomics of a medical device.

Trinseo materials for single and multiple use medical devices include:

Rigid Plastics (Thermoplastics)

Soft Touch Plastics (Thermoplastic Elastomers –TPEs)

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