Speed and convenience in deli/bakery packaging

Trinseo polystyrene resins provide the desired properties to create a variety of packaging solutions for today’s pre-packaged convenience foods.

For these applications, clarity is a high priority, as customers want to see what they’re buying.

From fresh breads to sliced meats and cheeses to pre-packaged salads and sides, clear films and containers are vital to deli/bakery customer convenience and satisfaction. Freshness is also imperative, and Trinseo’s portfolio of polystyrene packaging applications offers high barrier options for films and rigid containers – to make sure that freshness stays in, while unwanted taste and odors are banished.

STYRON™ C-TECH is a product that shows a balance between clarity and toughness, which differentiates it from SBS type resins on both product cost and taint and odor performance, allowing significant cost savings.

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