Synthetic Rubber for Specialty Tires

The high-cis butadiene rubber and solution-styrene butadiene rubber (S-SBR) series by Trinseo covers a wide range of automotive needs as well as high-performance applications for the bicycle and motorcycle agricultural tire industry.

Standard elastomers

Our cold polymerized emulsion-styrene butadiene rubber (E-SBR) in our BUNA™ SB Rubber grades use TDAE oil to comply with REACH regulations. These grades provide a good balance of performance and processability with superior quality.

With over 95% cis content, Trinseo’s nickel-butadiene rubber (Ni-BR) has excellent processing behavior. Our BUNA™ Cis 132 Rubber also offers low hysteresis and good tear resistance, which makes it optimal for tire applications.

Advanced performance elastomers

Trinseo’s S-SBR grades are produced by anionic batch polymerization. Available in a wide variety of styrene and vinyl contents, they are used to manufacture high-quality tires in the bicycle, motorcycle, and agricultural markets.

Our proprietary functionalization technologies effectively improve interaction between S-SBR polymer with carbon black and silica filler, leading to significantly reduced dynamic heat buildup and rolling resistance.

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