Medical Equipment Damage Protection

Medical equipment is costly and the last thing a manufacturer wants, is for one of its products to fail in a healthcare setting. Naturally, there are many reasons that failure might occur… and probably the same number of solutions to prevent it.

Trinseo focuses on the material. 

As a manufacturer and provider of plastics solutions, Trinseo has seen the demand for its material in medical equipment grow.  The challenge with plastics is while it’s an excellent material for a variety of reasons -- design freedom, light weighting potential and durability -- when exposed to routine cleansing and disinfection protocols to fight Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI) it can crack and craze and even harbor harmful microorganisms.

And as we all know, cleansing and disinfection of equipment surfaces are mandatory to fight the ever-aggressive strains of viral, bacterial, and fungal pathogens.

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Trinseo developed a series of chemical resistant plastics to address this very problem.  The materials make use of polycarbonate / PET combined with innovative technology and are often selected as an alternative to PC, PC/ABS and other traditional housing materials. Trinseo has tested its medical solutions with multiple chemicals used in healthcare environments, both universally and regionally, and offers materials with properties including ignition resistance, superior aesthetics, and biocompatibility in compliance with medical requirements. Today Trinseo is regarded by customers worldwide as a true leader in chemical resistance technology.

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