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Styron Backs the Global Push for Smart Meters with EMERGE™ PC 8701HH, a High Performance Specialty Resin

Horgen, Switzerland - Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Styron today announced the launch of EMERGE™ PC 8701HH advanced resin in Europe and Asia-Pac. This high performance product tailored for smart meters complements Styron's existing portfolio of products for the smart-meter manufacturing market. Recent initiatives of both European and North American governments consider smart meters amongst the most promising tools to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Making Smart Meters Simpler

Smart meters are electronic devices composed of parts that each have very specific performance requirements and standards to which they must conform. The terminal block, which has direct contact with live wires, must withstand temperatures of up to 960°C. The casing of the smart meter needs to be tamper-resistant in order to prevent metering fraud. Traditionally such parts have been produced using different materials, leading to a more complex specification and production process for smart meter producers.

EMERGE™ PC 8701HH advanced resin is a glass-reinforced ignition-resistant polycarbonate designed for both the terminal block and the case and internal parts. The product offers excellent high heat resistance that exceeds current standards and industry requirements, ensuring outstanding performance. It also meets all the requirements and specifications for the casing, with excellent aesthetics, a new requirement for smart meters. The use of one product for these different parts simplifies the production process for smart meter producers and can lead to reduced costs. Styron's technical experts developed the new grade in order to meet the requirements defined by the Italian MR&D Institute.

Tailored Product Portfolio

EMERGE™ PC 8701HH advanced resin complements Styron's portfolio of products tailored for various smart meter parts. EMERGE™ PC 8330 or the CALIBRE™ 303 series allows for the production of the clear windows that provide consumers with the data they need to make the right decisions about their energy use. EMERGE™ PC 8230 is another grade that manufacturers can select to use to create smart meter casings with a tough, tamper-resistant exterior housing. All of Styron's products for smart meters use innovative flame retardant technology.

Smart Meters are the Future

Smart meters enable consumers to monitor their energy use and increase their energy efficiency. In contrast to traditional gas and electric meters, smart meters are able to transmit and receive data, to and from the energy suppliers. Since they provide a digital display of the total power consumption, its approximate cost and the CO2 emissions, smart meters are expected to motivate consumers to adopt a more environmentally conscious lifestyle. And since more than 250 million smart meters are expected to be installed worldwide by 2015, their impact will be significant in the future.

Turning Ambitious Goals into Reality

The future looks bright for smart meter technology to help consumers adopt a more sustainable lifestyle. “The US has set the ambitious goal to reach a 55% penetration of smart meters by 2015 and the European Union has issued the 20/20/20 directive to achieve a 20% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, a 20% increase in renewable energy, and a 20% reduction in energy consumption by 2020, including a goal to replace 80% of electric meters with smart meters,” says Lionel Beck, European Smart Meter Market focal point for Styron. “By creating innovative resins that exceed current standards and industry requirements for smart meters, Styron directly contributes to turning these goals into reality.”

For more information on EMERGE 8701HH, please click here.

About Styron

Styron is a leading global materials company, dedicated to innovate and deliver for its customers. Styron's unique and balanced product portfolio brings together plastics, rubber and latex businesses that share feedstocks, operations, customers and end users. Styron has a leadership position in its two flagship products, polystyrene and latex. The company benefits from global scale, a long-standing tradition of unrivaled customer relationships and a robust innovation pipeline. Styron has approximately $5 billion in revenue (2010), with 20 manufacturing sites in all geographies. Styron's 2,100 employees are committed to listen to customers' needs and provide them with innovative and sustainable solutions in markets such as appliances, automotive, building & construction, carpet, commercial transportation, consumer electronics, consumer goods, electrical & lighting, medical, packaging, paper & paperboard, rubber goods and tires. More information about Styron can be found at www.styron.com.

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