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Styron's Functionalized SSBR as a response to the European Tire Labeling Regulation

Berwyn, PA - Wednesday, June 20, 2012

In November 2012, Europe will be introducing a standardized tire labeling which will inform customers on three key performance attributes: fuel efficiency, wet grip performance, and exterior rolling noise.

The label design for fuel efficiency and wet grip is similar to existing energy efficiency labels (e.g. household appliances) with A being the highest performing tire in its category and G the currently least performing.

The exterior noise is expressed in a value in decibels, accompanied by one, two or three sound waves with one wave being the quietest tire and three waves the noisiest one.

As a response to tire labeling, the Styron R&D/TS&D Rubber Team has developed functionalized SSBR and is continuously working to introduce new grades that will deliver greater performances.

"Let's give you one example which speaks by itself to demonstrate how powerful the technology is," according to Olivier Véron, Sales & Marketing Manager, Styron. "With the introduction of Styron's Generation II SSBR 4602 compared with our Generation I SSBR 4601 for the Rolling Resistance we can move from the rating C to B, while maintaining all the other properties identical like the grip and the handling."

As a result for the whole tire life (~35,000 km), this represents:

  • A fuel consumption reduction of 0.15 l/100 km
  • Approximately 53 liters of fuel saved in total
  • Around 85 € saving (taking 1.6 €/l for the petrol), which is approximately the price of one "green tire" - Out of four efficient tires bought, one is free! [tire size 205/55 R16]
  • 122 Kg CO2 emission reduction by car

By using Styron's technology we provide customers two advantages: the reduction of greenhouse gas impact for the planet and we enable drivers to save money.

About Styron

Styron is a leading global materials company and manufacturer of plastics, latex and rubber, dedicated to collaborating with customers to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions. Styron's technology solutions are used by customers in industries such as home appliances, automotive, building & construction, carpet, commercial transportation, consumer electronics, consumer goods, electrical & lighting, medical, packaging, paper & paperboard, rubber goods and tires. Styron had approximately USD 6 billion in revenue in 2011, with 20 manufacturing sites around the world, and 2100 employees.

More information can be found at www.styron.com.

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Editorial Information

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