Concrete Additive Supports Sustainable Infrastructure for Highways

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

A proven, performance-boosting additive for modified concrete systems, Modifier A™/NA Latex from Trinseo helps extend the life of road surfaces. When added to concrete, it improves durability and resistance to permeation and is an ideal material for refurbishing bridge decks, elevated roadways, parking decks, and other structures. Modifier A™/NA Latex helps make infrastructure more durable and sustainable, while enabling a robust transportation system and providing the possibility of reducing construction costs due to its longevity.

Our latex binders for concrete additives:

  • Work as a substrate laid over the existing road, providing a good driving surface and resisting the effects of the deicing salts used on roadways
  • Provide quick turnaround time with Rapid Set cement and reduce crack propagation for superior value over the life of the project
  • Support a sustainable future through the reuse of existing roadway spans in bridges and overpasses – resulting in significantly less construction debris entering landfills

Modifier A™/NA Latex has proven to be a long-standing solution in overlay installation. The earliest bridge deck overlay project was more than 35 years ago in the U.S. and still shows no need for repair or replacement.

Respected, “go-to” products for construction decision makers, Trinseo latex binders help make roadways more durable and sustainable. Learn more about our sustainable latex binders.

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