High-performance Polycarbonate Materials for LED Lighting

High-performance Polycarbonate Materials for LED Lighting

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Trinseo resins for LED technology help maximize the benefits of LED lighting, including improved levels of energy efficiency, durability, and service life.

Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are one of today's fastest-growing lighting technologies. There are many reasons for the success of LEDs, including their inherent operational efficiency, brightness, low energy consumption, small size, color options, low maintenance, long life, and design flexibility.

Trinseo’s polycarbonate materials for LED lighting systems are an ideal fit – providing excellent performance and protection in components such as lenses, light tubes, light bulbs, housings, sign facings, light boxes, luminaires, reflectors, and light diffusers.

Trinseo supports LED lighting manufacturers with CALIBRE™ Polycarbonate Resins, EMERGE™ Advanced Resins, and CELEX™ Polycarbonate Resins. From standard PC grades to highly customized, collaborative solutions designed to meet specific needs, our robust product portfolio delivers the clarity, toughness, heat resistance, and processability required for quality LED lighting applications. 

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