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Trinseo Achieves Record EH&S Performance in 2016

21 manufacturing plants and three R&D teams attain zero injuries, spills or safety incidents

BERWYN, Pa. - Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Trinseo (NYSE: TSE) a global materials company and manufacturer of plastics, latex binders, and synthetic rubber, today announced record EH&S performance in 2016.

Trinseo leadership believes in the “vision of zero” with the ultimate goal of zero injuries, spills or process safety incidents in all of our facilities every year. With safety being one of the company’s strategic priorities, Trinseo created the Triple Zero Award (000) program to recognize and reward manufacturing plants and labs that operate and respond according to environmental, health, and safety (EH&S) best practices incident free.

In 2016, 21 Trinseo manufacturing plants and three global R&D groups— encompassing 1,486 employees—earned the Triple Zero Award, making 2016 a remarkable year for Trinseo in EH&S performance. With 83% of eligible teams receiving Triple Zero recognition, Trinseo achieved its best safety results since the company’s formation.

“Environmental, Health, and Safety and Responsible Care® is the foundation of our culture at Trinseo. It drives a behavior shows respect for individuals, safety and the environment,” said Chris Pappas, President and CEO, Trinseo. “While zero recordable injuries, spills, and process safety incidents is an ambitious goal, these teams have demonstrated that with the right training, focus and diligence, our “vision of zero” is in fact achievable.”

At Trinseo, protecting people and the environment is part of everything we do and every decision we make. Meeting or exceeding the highest standards of environmental and safety performance is one of our core values.

“Our remarkable record is a direct reflection of the safety culture embedded in our people who work safely every day,” said Ted Kietzman, Trinseo global EH&S director. “As a result of their efforts Trinseo is a top five performer among all American Chemistry Council members.”

Trinseo’s Triple Zero Award in 2016 Recipients:

  • Latex Binders
    • Dalton, GA, USA
    • Hamina, Finland
    • Latex Binders R&D, Global Team
    • Merak, Indonesia
    • Midland, MI, USA
    • Norrkoping, Sweden
    • Terneuzen, The Netherlands
    • Ulsan, South Korea
    • Zhangjiagang, China
  • Plastics
    • Hsinchu, Taiwan, Compounds & Blends
    • Midland, MI, USA, Styrene Polymers
    • Plastics R&D, Global Team
    • Schkopau, Germany, Polystyrene
    • Terneuzen, The Netherlands, Maintenance
    • Terneuzen, The Netherlands, Styrene
    • Tessenderlo, Belgium, Polystyrene
    • Tsing Yi, Hong Kong, Polystyrene
  • Synthetic Rubber
    • Rubber R&D, Global Team
    • Schkopau, Germany, Analytical Lab
    • Schkopau, Germany, Emulsion-Styrene Butadiene Rubber (E-SBR)
    • Schkopau, Germany, Maintenance
    • Schkopau, Germany, Butadiene Rubber (BR)
    • Schkopau, Germany, Rubber Logistics
    • Schkopau, Germany, Solution Styrene Butadiene Rubber (S-SBR)

About Trinseo

Trinseo (NYSE:TSE) is a global materials solutions provider and manufacturer of plastics, latex binders, and synthetic rubber with a focus on delivering innovative, sustainable, and value-creating products that are intrinsic to our daily lives. Trinseo is dedicated to making a positive impact on society by partnering with like-minded stakeholders, and supporting the sustainability goals of our customers in a wide range of end-markets including automotive, consumer electronics, appliances, medical devices, packaging, footwear, carpet, paper and board, building and construction, and tires. Trinseo had approximately $3.0 billion in net sales in 2020, with 17 manufacturing sites around the world, and approximately 2,600 employees. For more information, please visit: www.trinseo.com.

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