Trinseo China Achieves Merit Award of Responsible Care®

Company Joined China Responsible Care® Program in June

Thursday, July 6, 2017

In June of 2017, Trinseo China joined the China Regional Responsible Care® program, a program that is promoted by the International Association of Chemical Industries (AICM) and International Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA).

The AICM Logo

The AICM represents a broad range of international chemical manufacturers from around the globe with a common mission to contribute to the construction of a “beautiful China”, the development of a harmonious society, and the sustainable growth of China’s chemical industry. The AICM achieves this through the promotion of Responsible Care® and its management system and through capacity building for the implementation of cost-effective and risk-based Responsible Care® programs. With an aim to fuel the efforts in fulfilling this mission, Chris Pappas, Trinseo President and CEO, signed the Responsible Care® Beijing Manifesto.

The Responsible Care® program is a voluntary initiative in the global chemical industry and is being implemented in chemical companies across more than 50 countries around the world. Its vision is to enable chemical products to achieve safety and environmental protection, for the chemical industry to achieve occupational health and safety, and for chemical manufacturing to achieve process safety, as well as to prevent pollution.

On June 19, 2017, the AICM in Shanghai hosted a Responsible Care® awards ceremony. Trinseo won the Responsible Care ® Merit Award, fully affirming the efforts made by the company’s production base, supply chain, sales, research and development, as well as product safety teams in different parts of China, including Shanghai, Guangzhou, Zhangjiagang, and more in actively enhancing the principles of Responsible Care®.

Trinseo Accepting the Award

Trinseo became a Responsible Care® company in 2010 and has published its Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility Report annually since 2013 to highlight the overall performance of the Company's Responsible Care®, project performance, emissions and energy efficiency, and more. All reports are available for download from our website.

The group of recipients

Disclosure of Trinseo’s data on sustainable development and safety is part of the Responsible Care® program. As a member, it is the Company’s responsibility to show transparency to the public and to make it clear that Trinseo is working on sustainable development and corporate social responsibility.

Learn more about Trinseo's Sustainability efforts.

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