Trinseo Hosts MAGNUM™ Innovation Day to Showcase High Performance ABS Resins

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

On May 16, Trinseo organized MAGNUM™ Innovation Day in Guangzhou, China for nearly 50 leading OEMs and end users attendees in the region. The event was held concurrently with Chinaplas, where Trinseo hosted technical presentations and a parts exhibition.  

MAGNUM™ ABS is an ideal fit for automotive, buses/utility vehicles, appliances, electronics, consumer goods, furniture and sanitary applications, and building and construction applications where aesthetics are important.

Tim Stedman, Trinseo’s Senior Vice President and Business President, Basic Plastics and Feedstocks introduced Innovation Day and met with customers. He also reaffirmed that Trinseo will begin production of MAGNUM™ ABS Resin at its Zhangjiagang, China site in 2017.

Trinseo's MAGNUM Innovation Day

Francesca Reverberi, Trinseo’s Basic Plastics Global Business Director, explained the Company’s strategy and vision, which set the fundamentals of the event. She highlighted Trinseo’s pledge to provide the same top-notch products as the Company offers in Europe to Trinseo’s customers in China and in Asia-Pacific.

Trinseo's MAGNUM Innovation Day

“This important investment shows our determination to grow together with our customers in Asia-Pacific. It also gives our customers peace of mind that will be able to deliver consistent color and finish, and superior end aesthetics every time globally,” said Reverberi.

Mike Hale, Technical Services & Development Leader, EMEA; Mark Vreys, Technical Services Leader, R&D; and Senior Technical Service & Development Specialist, Kenneth Lam delivered first-hand information on MAGNUM™ ABS resins to customers about improved production efficiency, lowered cost, enhanced glossiness, widened color choices and better product quality.

At MAGNUM™ Innovation Day, Trinseo also exhibited an array of parts made by MAGNUM™ ABS resins. Attendees could easily observe the benefits from the mass polymerization technology that the parts made of MAGNUM™ ABS come with more aesthetically pleasing colors and smoother surfaces. Furthermore, a comprehensive set of test results showing how MAGNUM™ ABS resins performs compared with other typical ABS resins in the region were demonstrated. The test results clearly showed that MAGNUM™ ABS resins out-performed other resins in terms of base color, gel level, UV resistance, impact resistance, etc.

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