Trinseo Latex Binders Help Chinese Artificial Turf Manufacturers Pass FIFA Certification

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

The Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) has 211 member associations and its goal is the constant improvement of football. The FIFA compiles the “Handbook of Test Methods” which describes the procedures for assessing artificial turf football surfaces under the FIFA Quality Programme.

In the Handbook, a football turf is defined as the synthetic surface and infill, any shockpad and all supporting layers that influence the sports performance or biomechanical response of the surface. Tests shall be made on all elements of the construction that influence the sports performance or biomechanical response of the surface. The key tests and their test requirements towards the latex based backing are:

  • Immersion in hot water (European Standard EN 13744 & ISO 4919) - Surfaces for sports areas: Procedure for accelerated ageing by immersion in hot water (includes two weeks’ immersion in water at 70°C: ≥30 Newton)
  • Tuft withdrawal force (International Standard ISO 4919) - Carpets: Determination of tuft withdrawal force (an average of minimal 20 samples: ≥30 Newton; relative Standard Deviation is 25-30% (low precision)
  • Dimensional stability (EN 13746) as function of temperature and wet conditions

FIFA Certification has always been known as the highest international standards, thus the door opener for manufacturers of artificial turf to the international market. So in recent years, high-end artificial turf manufacturers in China work actively in complying with the certification requirements. FIFA certification has also become an important goal for Trinseo to assist its customers.

Helping Chinese Manufacturers Develop Export Markets

In 2017, Trinseo became the sole artificial turf material supplier for two leading artificial turf manufacturers in China. Trinseo is one of the few materials suppliers in China manufacturing latex binders for artificial turf in compliance with specific low volatile organic compounds (VOC) industry requirements for exports to Europe, the Asia Pacific, and the Middle East. Artificial turf with lower amount of VOC in indoor air (often called TVOC - total VOC) helps Chinese artificial turf manufacturers achieve bigger market share in the export market.

Football player on artificial turf

Delivering Functionality for Adhesion and Low VOC

Trinseo developed a modified SB latex modified with performance enhancing additives to:

  • Provide better wetting of the polymer that reduces the drop in tuft lock after immersion in water test
  • Provide superior Inner Tuft Lock (ITL) properties
  • Enable easy processing
  • Provide good wetting of polypropylene backing

Trinseo plays an important role in supporting our customers by supplying them with more reliable artificial turf backing for their export market. To learn more about Trinseo latex binders for artificial turf, please click here.

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