Trinseo’s Tsing Yi Plant in Hong Kong Celebrates its 45th Anniversary

- Thursday, September 2, 2021

Trinseo’s Tsing Yi plant in Hong Kong celebrated its 45th anniversary this year. Established in 1976, at the time the only means of transportation for employees to go to and from the place of work was by walla walla, the water taxi.

Safety has always been a priority. To date the Tsing Yi Site has achieved an outstanding Triple Zero standard (zero recordable injuries, zero reportable spills, and zero process safety incidents) for more than 6 years in a row.

 Tsing Yi Island  Tsing Yi Island  

76% of employees at the Tsing Yi site have been with Trinseo for more than 20 years. For them, coming back to work every day is a home coming. The plant’s success can be attributed to a dedicated team of operators, engineers, R&D, laboratory and supporting staff. We thank them for their contributions throughout the years and look forward to the next 45 years.

Nearly a half century later, Tsing Yi Island is now well-developed, connected by a network of rail and other public transportation.

Watch the following brief video developed by our employees to commemorate the occasion.

Tsing Yi Island

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