Trinseo | Trinseo + COMMUNITY: Waste Management in Indonesia Webinar Held in Bali

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March 09, 2022

Trinseo + COMMUNITY: Waste Management in Indonesia Webinar Held in Bali

In partnership with local Bali government officials, Trinseo’s Let’s Do Recycling! Program organized the “Waste Management in Preparation for the Return of Tourism in Bali: Source-based Waste Management to Achieve a Circular Economy” webinar. This was the fifth webinar in the Waste Management in Indonesia Webinar Series, Trinseo’s dedicated platform to discuss the recycling of single-use plastics, waste processing and the environment, and also aims to enhance awareness of the importance of waste sorting and source-based waste management.

The webinar was held in Kuta, Bali in Indonesia on February 3, 2022 with the participation of local government officials and waste management professionals:

  • Mr. Hanggara Sukandar, Sustainability Director of Responsible Care® Indonesia (moderator)
  • Ms. Ratna Soebrata, Head of International Cooperation Development Division, Bali Tourism Board
  • Drs. I Made Teja, Head of the Bali Province Environment Agency
  • Mr. Putu Ivan Yunatana, Founder of the Bali Waste Cycle and Chairman of the Regional Representative Council of Indonesian Waste Entrepreneurs Association

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"The Governor Regulation 47 of 2019 regarding source-based waste sorting makes it very easy for us recyclers because the management and sorting process is done upstream. If the waste management is done properly, it will add an economic value to the waste itself," indicated Putu Ivan Yunatana. He further explained the old paradigm of the linear economy, where the process of waste management begins with collecting, transporting, and disposing in a landfill. This paradigm caused new problems, in a place where there is less and less land available for landfills. The solution is the new paradigm of the circular economy - starting with sorting waste, collecting waste, then continuing with the recycling process.


This webcast, the fifth entry in the webinar series, was attended by 49 media and resulted in 53 positive media stories as well as a rebroadcast of the webinar on Brava Radio in Indonesia.