APILON™ 52 BIO Bio-based TPU Polymers and Compounds

APILON™ 52 BIO bioplastics offer the same level of performance as traditional TPUs and cover a wide range of application areas, allowing for significant environmental benefits.

APILON™ 52 BIO grades are urethane-based thermoplastic bioplastics (TPE-U or TPU) containing raw materials from renewable sources and offering the same performance as traditional fossil-based TPUs. We developed APILON™ 52 BIO in face of the increasing importance of ethical principles in the world of fashion. It is part of an evolution towards an eco-sustainable economy that brings social, economic and environmental advantages.

The family of APILON™ 52 BIO materials includes soft and rigid grades (ester, ether, ester-ether-based). We also offer special haptic compounds which give the product rubbery and matt properties. These bio-based bioplastics offer significant environmental benefits by reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases (e.g. carbon dioxide) and saving fossil-based resources for future generations.

The broad range of APILON™ 52 BIO grades allows for use of these polymers and compounds in a huge variety of applications, both in footwear and in leather goods. Beyond these applications, APILON™ 52 BIO can also be used in automotive and engineering, cosmetics and personal care, medical, packaging, sporting goods, toys and gadgets.

The main technical characteristics of APILON™ 52 BIO Bio-based TPU Polymers and Compounds are:

  • Rigid grades with hardness in the range of 40–74 ShD
  • Soft grades with hardness in the range of 65–90 ShA and good abrasion resistance lower than 70–100 mm3 (DIN 53516)
  • Special haptic compound with rubbery, matt effect
  • High bio-based content with environmental benefits measured with the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
  • Resistant to oil, grease and chemicals
  • Resistant to low temperatures
  • Colorability

Our APILON™ 52 BIO grades are renowned for good processability with numerous transformation technologies including injection molding, extrusion, rigid-soft overmolding, coagulation and calendering. Contact our bioplastic experts to learn more about the products benefits for your applications.

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