APIFIVE™ EVA-based Compounds

APIFIVE™ EVA-based Compounds enable lightweight applications requiring high-end aesthetics and haptics.

APIFIVE™ are EVA-based expandable and cross-linkable compounds which are modified with elastomers. This way, we enhance the softness, opacity, and soft touch of the end product while maintaining optimum aesthetic appeal.

According to your requirements, APIFIVE™ grades are available in different expansion grades and in a broad range of colors. All these products are characterized by their low density, supporting the development and production of lightweight items for fashion, footwear, cosmetics and personal care, as well as sporting goods.

Main technical characteristics of APIFIVE™ EVA-based Compounds are:

  • Low density enabling light weight
  • Optimum aesthetic qualities
  • Matt or gloss look, elastic or rubbery touch, silky finish
  • Millable
  • Available in a range of expansion grades
  • Broad range of colors

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