APILON™ 33 TPZ Compounds

Our PVC-based APILON™ 33 TPZ Compounds facilitate the manufacture of opaque products when specific chemical resistance is required.

APILON™ 33 (TPZ) is an alloy family of plasticized PVC and nitrile rubber with enhanced resistance to solvents and greases. In addition to good chemical and aging resistance, APILON™ 33 grades provide a matt appearance and offer elasticity, and colorability. They are suitable for injection molding and extrusion, and offer good processability.

Particularly suitable for the manufacture of opaque products with a specific chemical resistance, APILON™ 33 is used for a wide range of application areas, such as sports and leisure, footwear, furniture, building and construction, automotive interiors, industrial goods, aesthetic cables, and food packaging.

APILON™ 33 TPZ is available both with and without phthalate plasticizers. These compounds are free from stabilizers containing heavy metals.

Main technical characteristics of APILON™ 33 TPZ Compounds are:

  • Hardness range: 50 ShA - 95 ShA
  • Chemical resistance
  • Compact and expanded grades
  • Special grades: food contact approved (10/2011/EU, FDA
  • Recyclable

Get in touch with our experts for more details on APILON™ 33 TPZ Compounds suitable for injection molding and extrusion process.

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