RAPLAN™ TPS materials are an ideal substitute for PVC when halogen-free products are required.

RAPLAN™ are SBS (styrene butadiene styrene) elastomer-based thermoplastic compounds. The elastomer phase provides the elastic property and the softness characteristic of rubber to the compounds. The use of specific additives improves RAPLAN™ materials' features to substitute PVC in halogen-free products.

In addition, RAPLAN™ offers a wide melt flow range and is available as compact and expanded grades. RAPLAN™ is resistant to abrasion and low temperatures, and it is suitable for matt, shiny, and transparent surface applications in all common markets.

Main technical characteristics of RAPLAN™ TPS-SBS Compounds are:

  • Good hardness range: 20 ShA – 50 ShD
  • Food contact approved (10/2011/EU, FDA)
  • Special grades for medical applications (ISO 10993 – USP VI)
  • Optimum resistance to low temperatures
  • Recyclable

Ideal for overmolding on polystyrene, such as Trinseo’s STYRON™ Polystyrene, RAPLAN™ is also suitable for injection molding, footwear applications, and extrusion. Contact our team for more information.

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