Protecting Our Environment

Trinseo’s commitment to protecting the environment and the health and safety of our employees and communities remains central to everything we do. We utilize our Core Values to guide us as we continuously measure our environmental impact and improve the Company’s processes, so we may promote resource conservation throughout the life cycles of our products and prevent adverse environmental impacts and waste.

The urgent need for sustainable products continues to grow across the globe and is backed by a consumer-driven demand for companies to take responsibility for their environmental footprint. We understand our responsibility to contribute to a better environment by minimizing our impact on the planet.

EH&S Compliance

Trinseo complies with all EH&S laws and regulations, as well as internal EH&S policies and standards. For environmental protection, these include, but are not limited to, those pertaining to emissions, discharges, handling of waste materials, climate change, registration and evaluation of chemicals, and many more.

Trinseo boasts a mature EH&S audit program to monitor the compliance of our facilities. Should noncompliance with the law be identified, the Company’s process requires swift corrective action or a compliance plan so that corrective action may be tracked to completion.

To further adhere to applicable industry standards and government regulations, we implemented a comprehensive system for monitoring compliance. Our system relies on internal expertise, third-party consultants, regulatory databases, tools, industry associations, and internal standards and is evaluated and improved as needed to:

  • Develop and adhere to internal standards and local requirements for Trinseo’s products and operations
  • Monitor and document compliance with existing regulations and industry standards
  • Implement compliance approaches for newly enacted regulations
  • Identify emerging regulations and industry trends

2021 Environmental Reporting

Trinseo monitors and tracks environmental performance at plants globally, with the goal of continually reducing emissions, waste, water intake, and energy consumption.
Product Safety & Stewardship

For over a decade, Trinseo has been a dedicated member of the American Chemistry Council’s (ACC) Responsible Care® Program. This voluntary initiative of the global chemistry industry is an effort to improve EH&S and security performance for facilities, processes, and products. The principles of our EH&S policy and management system directly reflect the Responsible Care® Principles.

Trinseo is committed to minimizing the harmful impacts of our products to human health and the environment, throughout all stages of their life cycles. Trinseo’s business plans are based on the ACC’s Responsible Care® Product Safety Code guidelines, and annual self-assessments assist us in monitoring progress and performance.

This code of practice for product stewardship consists of: leadership commitment, accountability and management, prioritization of products, product information and regulatory compliance, risk characterization, product safety and risk management, management of new information, product design and improvement, value chain communication, cooperation and outreach, information sharing with publicly available product safety and stewardship information, and performance assessment, continuous improvement, and training.

By following product safety codes, such as the Responsible Care® Product Safety Code guidelines, Trinseo can establish that our products are safe for consumers and less harmful to the environment.

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