Environmental Protection

At Trinseo, we are committed to the continuous and measurable improvement of our environmental performance, with goals including preventing adverse environmental impacts, reducing and preventing wastes and emissions, and promoting resource conservation at every stage of the life cycle of our products.

Environmental Reporting Highlights

Trinseo monitors and tracks our environmental performance at plants worldwide, with the goal of continually reducing emissions and waste, and conserving energy.

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Based on Trinseo’s first materiality assessment that identified topics of important for both stakeholders and the Company, Trinseo acted in 2019 to address material environmental topics:

Product Safety & Stewardship

In alignment with the American Chemistry Council’s Responsible Care® Product Safety Code, Trinseo has Product Stewards, as well as Regional Product Stewardship Leadership, in every region around the world where our materials are transported and sold. They are responsible for defining and supporting regulatory compliance issues and conforming to product regulations and industry standards related to human health and environmental risks, chemical inventories, and product handling restrictions.

Our commitment to product stewardship principles spreads throughout the Company, bringing together colleagues from all areas of Trinseo including Research, Produce Development, Manufacturing, Quality, Supply Chain, and Sales and Customer Service. Trinseo encourages suppliers and customers to join its efforts to collaborate, innovate, and elevate industrial processes and expectations to ensure chemical products are managed safely through their life cycles.

Climate Goal

Trinseo acknowledges that climate change and efforts to combat it have a significant impact on our world and took important steps to launch a Climate Change Strategy. In 2019, Trinseo developed a strategy framework that was largely driven by the Company’s Climate Change Goal, which is part of Trinseo’s 2030 Sustainability Goals. Given the natural complement of Trinseo’s Climate Change Strategy and the Company’s Climate Change Goal, the two initiatives were merged, transforming the Climate Change Strategy into an Implementation Plan for the Climate Change Goal.

Circular Solutions 

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Trinseo is part of Styrenics Circular Solutions (SCS), a joint industry initiative formed by a group of leading styrenics manufacturers in Europe, incorporated in 2018. SCS members are united by the common goal: transforming the styrenics industry by maximizing polystyrene’s value as a fully and infinitely recyclable material. From food packaging and appliances to building insulation, polystyrene touches lives every day, and in it we recognize an opportunity to truly close the loop, guided by circular economy principles.

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