Mass Balance Certification (ISCC)

Trinseo recently launched its 2030 Sustainability Goals which cover both how we operate and our product portfolio. One of our first important steps towards meeting our sustainability goals and achieving true circularity is the ISCC mass balance certification.

True Customer Value

Mass balance is a chain of custody model designed to keep track of the total amount of input (e. g. sustainable feedstock) throughout the production cycle and ensure an appropriate allocation to the finished goods. For Trinseo, it is one way to support customers in both achieving their sustainability goals and another step made towards the development of a truly circular economy.

Customers receive materials produced with a known proportion of renewable sources. We support your efforts to save fossil resources, reduce emissions (e. g. carbon dioxide), and your efforts towards achieving your sustainability goals. By applying the mass balance chain of custody model according to the ISCC standard, Trinseo offers benefits for the environment, raw material suppliers, and end-product manufacturers.

Mass balance increases the support for bio- and circular economy through cost-effective scalability that derives from involvement of large industrial players.

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Mass Balance: Input Equals Output

Mass balance is a chain of custody model and a set of rules designed to trace the flow of sustainable content through a complex value chain. Products with different sets of specified characteristics are mixed, e. g. recycled feedstock replaces an equivalent amount of virgin feedstock at the beginning of the value chain (input) to be allocated to the product (output) in such a manner that the input and output match.

Based on auditable bookkeeping, it allows for transparency and trust throughout the value chain regarding the properties of goods and materials that would otherwise be hard to distinguish from non-sustainable counterparts.

Mass balance requires volume reconciliation to ensure the exact amount of input is correlated with the amount of output material. The calculation is made over a maximum period of three months. Like other models, mass balance also needs fair standardization and therefore a third-party certification.

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