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Through our products and innovations, Trinseo helps drive sustainability for our customers and the industries in which they operate.

Customer collaboration is at the heart of innovation across all Trinseo business segments, in pursuit of solutions for the most complex materials needs. Our disruptive materials in turn help to bolster our business strategy for growth, as we see companies heeding the call from consumers to focus on more sustainable, eco-friendly products — the technology of tomorrow.

Across all business units, including Plastics, Latex Binders, and Synthetic Rubber, we are committed to investing in innovation — from developing new compounds and technologies, to implementing projects focused on improving energy usage and raw material efficiencies — that will help create sustainable change.

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Smart Homes, Smarter Energy Usage

With the Currant Smart Outlet and a corresponding mobile app, consumers receive a breakdown of their power usage as well as personalized suggestions powered by artificial intelligence (AI) to help them reduce energy consumption. Trinseo’s EMERGE™ Advanced Resins, which use Trinseo’s proprietary CALIBRE™ Polycarbonate Resins in their formulation, are used throughout the Currant Smart Outlet in applications ranging from the outer housing to internal components.

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Lightweight, High-End Construction for Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are expected to increase from two percent of global share in 2016 to 22 percent in 2030, according to CB Insights Auto and Mobility Trends in 2019. That signals a tremendous opportunity for Trinseo’s plastics, which excel in the marketplace on quality, aesthetics, durability, and lightweighting. The Company’s polycarbonate blends have been used in electric vehicle charging stations for several years; with API’s soft-touch polymers, Trinseo is also poised to capture growth in high-end, customized interior environments. Lighter materials and construction methods like Trinseo’s newly developed, lighter ABS LGF, help contribute to greater range and higher energy efficiency.

High Performance and Highly Sustainable Textile Solutions

APILON™ BIO (TPU) was developed by API, an Italian company acquired by Trinseo in 2017, to address the increasing importance of sustainability principles in the world of fashion and is part of an evolution towards an eco-sustainable economy. The Company introduced its newest lightweight footwear solutions in 2018: APILON™ 52 EXP, designed specifically for microcellular midsoles, and APILON™ LIGHT, which offers an outstanding combination of performance, aesthetics, and lightness. In June 2018, API and Industria Chimica Mediterranea announced a joint development for innovative and sustainable technical fabrics.

Latex Binders

Powerful Adhesion Powering Battery Lifecycles

Trinseo’s VOLTABOND™ Latex Binders are a key material for creating highly efficient adhesives within lithium ion batteries for high-performance mobile devices, hand tools, electric cars, and other items. Used in the anode coating, VOLTABOND™ Binders control the adhesion, ionic conductivity, water absorption, chemical resistance, and recharging characteristics that have a significant impact on the battery’s life cycle and low temperature performance. Recognizing the essential importance of lithium ion batteries in sustainable energy storage systems and the reduction of carbon emissions worldwide, Trinseo will continue to develop leading-edge technology solutions for this fast-moving industry.

Latex Binders Scoring the Goal of FIFA Certification

The Federation International de Football Association (FIFA) develops procedures for assessing artificial football turf under the FIFA Quality Program, known as the highest international standard. Trinseo is the material supplier for artificial turf manufacturers around the world, providing latex binders with specific low volatile organic compounds (VOC), which helps the turf meet FIFA requirements.

Synthetic Rubber

Meeting Demands of the High-Performance Tire Market

Improvements in tire technology with the advent of high-performance or “green” tires have helped automobile manufacturers make significant progress in the development of fuel-efficient vehicles — and this market requires innovative synthetic rubber material solutions. Trinseo’s new oil extended grade of multifunctionalized S-SBR, SPRINTAN™ 918S, was developed to meet the challenges of physical stability, safety, and high fuel efficiency with easy processability; lower rolling resistance in tires means drivers use less energy to travel the same distance. In February 2018, Trinseo inaugurated a new pilot plant for S-SBR at its manufacturing site in Schkopau, Germany.

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SPRINTAN 363H Addresses Market Need for Sustainable Products

To support the performance tire market, Trinseo added a new product line of high-cis butadiene rubber to its product offerings in 2018: SPRINTAN™ 363H, based on Neodymium catalyst technology, which provides improved dynamic performance and abrasion resistance while also helping customers reduce CO2 emissions and enhance fuel efficiency for vehicles.

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