Establishing Value in Innovation

As a global specialty materials and sustainable solutions provider, it is Trinseo’s mission to create value for its stakeholders by innovating and collaborating with customers to deliver technology and solutions that power creative, bold ideas.

Our name was derived from the word “intrinsic,” meaning something essential and innate. Our diverse materials are intrinsic to products in high-growth end markets including automotive, building and construction, consumer electronics, footwear, and health care.

Our approach to sustainable innovation is centered on energy and waste management, recycled-based product design, the development of bio-based products, pursuing advancements in mechanical and chemical recycling, and establishing the means to close the loop on circularity. Our product development aligns with global trends, such as light-weighting cars while maintaining safety and strength, sustainable living and housing, and life-saving medical devices.

Trinseo’s innovative product offerings demonstrate a high-quality performance that our customers can rely on and amplify the value of each product. Trinseo continues to increase the sustainability of our products while offering excellent performance. Our customers no longer need to choose between maintaining high-quality material performance and doing what is best for the environment—they can do both.

Plastics & Feedstocks

The Company invests in technologies that address market needs in order to remain a valuable partner to our customers. Industry trends we have invested in address the need for more sustainable products or alternatives to traditional petrochemicals. One sustainability initiative that Trinseo continues to advance and promote is circularity within the plastics industry. In a circular economy, resources are regenerated, and waste is reduced or completely eliminated. Achieving such an ambitious model for end-of-life materials requires a new approach and mindset shift, in addition to extensive industry collaboration and commitment. At Trinseo, we are dedicated to developing a sustainable infrastructure for a circular economy, which can be seen in our strategic partnerships for styrene in 2021.

First, we signed an offtake agreement with Indaver, a leader in sustainable waste management in Europe, to buy a minimum of 50% of the r-styrene created by the company following startup of the plant planned in 2023. Then, we also partnered with BASF to expand the production of styrene based on circular feedstock that utilizes a mass balance certified process or chemical recycling. The enhanced collaboration between Trinseo and BASF aims to increase efforts by both companies in the development and management of styrene featuring an improved environmental profile.

Through these partnerships, we are taking the first steps toward a circular economy by building our industry and customer relations to spur feedstock development and investment. Our position is to be an industry leader and pave the way to circular solutions for our customers and the world, contributing to the achievement of a circular economy.

Listen now to our Sustainability Business Leader discussing circularity: 

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Latex Binders

We develop binders that deliver the performance properties our customers demand, while balancing environmental compliance and processing efficiencies. In the paper and board industry, Trinseo’s latex binders play a key role in packaging applications by supporting excellent printability across a wide range of printing techniques. In printing and converting processes, the industry has trended toward use of electron beam and ultra-violet curing technologies for inks and overprint varnishes. These high-energy curing systems can produce a rapid temperature rise in the thin layer of coating underneath the inks or varnishes. This high-energy treatment can further volatilize organic compounds present in the paperboard or coating if sufficient temperatures are reached. In response, Trinseo has developed high-performance binders under our LIGOS™ binder product family based on novel technology that dramatically reduces the impact these curing systems have on the release of Total Volatile Organic Compounds from the coated paperboard.

As society increasingly transitions to renewable energy sources, there is a growing need for efficient energy station storage (ESS) batteries. Wind and solar energy provide highly attractive, clean, and renewable sources of electricity generation. Trinseo plays an essential role in enabling Lithium-ion ESS batteries with our VOLTABOND™ latex binders. Despite composing only 1% of a battery’s overall weight, our latex binders help these batteries to safely function in variable temperature extremes. Our VOLTABOND™ latex binders also improve the service life of ESS batteries by playing a critical role in holding a battery’s anode together throughout the necessary continual charging and recharging.

Engineered Materials

In 2021, Trinseo acquired Aristech Surfaces LLC and Arkema’s PMMA / MMA business, Altuglas International, because their PMMA portfolios augmented our existing offerings across end markets including consumer electronics, automotive, and medical. Trinseo can now serve customers at the global level for PMMA solutions with ALTUGLAS™ and OROGLAS™ in Europe and Asia Pacific, and PLEXIGLAS® in the Americas.

These acquisitions also allowed us to further our mission to become a specialty materials and sustainable solutions provider. PMMA has the potential to be a circular product, as it can be depolymerized into its constituent MMA monomer providing a myriad of opportunities to deliver innovative solutions to our customers.

In 2021, we introduced our first sustainable acrylic to the marketplace with the addition of the ALTUGLAS™ R-Life series in Europe. The new series contains recycled PMMA, which can be used in a wide variety of applications including consumer electronics, automotive, building and construction, and consumer products, while claiming the same mechanical, aesthetic, and optical properties as virgin material.

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