At Trinseo, safety means that every decision we make prioritizes the safety of our people, our communities, and the environment. 

Our focus is on responsibly and intentionally caring for our colleagues, our communities, our customers, and the natural world — all with the ultimate goal of achieving zero injuries, spills, or process incidents in our facilities every year.

2020 Safety Reporting
safety reporting numbers

EH&S Management System

Our Environmental, Health, and Safety (EH&S) management system has its roots in Responsible Care®. Through a carefully built and maintained culture of rigorous investigation, corrective action, and continuous improvement applied over many years, we have delivered a world-class set of internal policies, processes, and procedures.

This system, which includes all Trinseo employees and people doing work on behalf of Trinseo or working in our facilities, is designed to meet Trinseo's Environmental, Health, and Safety objectives to:

  • Continually reduce EH&S incidents and risks
  • Maintain full regulatory compliance
  • Satisfy stakeholders' expectations
  • Optimize resources and continuously improve

Trinseo has developed a strong set of leading indicators to help highlight and drive improvement of Operational Safety, Process Safety, and Product Safety across the organization. The effectiveness of these indicators is assessed on a regular basis, and they are modified as needed to drive improvement. Trinseo's indicators for 2020 reflect:

  • On-time training completion
  • Engagement in the behavioral improvement program and implementation of an office safety awareness program
  • Timely assessment of changing regulatory requirements
  • Distribution Emergency Response Incidents
  • High Potential Near Misses related to Trinseo's Life Critical Standards
  • Targeted set of Process Safety Indicators related to alarm management, mechanical integrity, and identification of process safety near miss incidents
  • Targeted set of Product Safety Indicators related to safety data sheet management and hazard communication with stakeholders

Behavior-Based Safety Program

Trinseo's culture fully embraces and encourages highly interactive and constructive worker and leader interactions through our behavior-based safety program, Safety on Purpose. Selected workers are provided 20 hours of training to become Safety Influencers to effectively perform Safety Conversations. These influencers and plant leaders meet weekly to discuss Safety Conversations, during which they address safety concerns and opportunities identified during the previous week, identifying appropriate resolution and follow-up.

Safety on Purpose was introduced in 2017 in our facilities, and it continues today to improve collaboration and engagement between workers and leaders in addressing and resolving safety opportunities in the facility.To further improve its effectiveness and enhance sharing of best practices, an assessment of the Safety on Purpose program was initiated in 2020, which identified four elements reflective of what an engaged workforce for Safety on Purpose looks like:

  • Supportive leadership engagement
  • Effective connection meetings
  • Active participation
  • Communication and involvement of more people
worker at facility

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