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Styrenics Circular Solutions (SCS) is a joint industry initiative formed by a group of leading styrenics manufacturers in Europe, incorporated in 2018. All SCS members are united by the common goal of transforming the styrenics industry by taking advantage of game changing technologies that will unlock polystyrene circularity and make the material infinitely recyclable.

We have an ambitious agenda for 2020 and beyond, as SCS drives the unified industry’s commitment to the circular economy by harnessing the unique recyclability of styrenics.

Nicolas Joly, President, Styrenics Circular Solutions

Can you recycle polystyrene?

At the forefront of many plastics debates is polystyrene, because it is seen as being non-recyclable. In reality, from a chemical composition perspective, polystyrene is the most recyclable plastic. By unleashing polystyrene’s value as a fully and infinitely recyclable material, SCS is on the path to circularity.

SCS is also engaging the entire value chain – from partners in supply chain to converters, recyclers, brand owners, and trade associations as well as universities, research centers, suppliers, and service providers. The styrenics value chain has a particularly large role to play because of polystyrene’s unique and infinite capacity for recycling.

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Polystyrene is one of the best mass-produced polymers that can be fully returned to its original form and continuously re-used. But polystyrene’s intrinsic circularity can only be unlocked when used polystyrene-containing products get properly collected, sorted and channeled into the most effective and efficient recycling technologies. This takes an end-to-end solution, teamwork and vision – and SCS is leading the way.


What are the key areas of focus for SCS?

  • Advancing game-changing technologies that recycle polystyrene and expand polystyrene back to their original forms
  • Improving regional waste collection and sorting systems to drive more used polystyrene products into recycling, creating new recycling business opportunities
  • Through effective advocacy and communications, SCS will demonstrate that they are a thought leader and proactive driver of circularity for styrenics

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