Sustainability Leader Message

Industry and society have reached a pivotal crossroads on the path toward a more sustainable future. Intense consumer and regulatory pressure, rapid climate change, shifting societal norms, the threat of plastics in our oceans, and most recently, the global devastation of COVID-19 have coalesced and thrust us into a new era of sustainability.

At Trinseo, we believe that this future depends upon achieving a circular economy in which we keep resources in use for as long as possible, extracting the most potential value from them while in use, and recovering and regenerating materials at the end of each service life.

The challenges we will face in achieving a more sustainable future built upon a circular economy are numerous and vast, and yet we strongly believe they are surmountable.

Our sustainability efforts in 2019 were rooted in collaboration toward progress. We continued to make efforts as an individual company in addressing our material topics, but we also sat down at the table with our competitors and peers, and together we charted a united path forward to redefine the future of sustainability through initiatives like Styrenics Circular Solutions, the Circular Plastics Alliance, and Operation Clean Sweep®.

We are rethinking sustainability, considering different business models, and pushing to truly close the loop on circularity. And while we don’t have answers to all the challenges we’re faced with, we’re committed to taking new approaches to address them.

Our tenth Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility Report documents our collective effort to accelerate every aspect of Trinseo’s sustainability journey and set the foundation for future success. Going forward, we hope to be a driving force behind sustainable innovation by introducing new products containing recycled content and by helping to achieve true circularity for polystyrene.

We have made great progress in recent years but, in many ways, our sustainability story has just begun, and I look forward to adding new chapters to our narrative alongside my colleagues at Trinseo.

image of sustainability leader

Walter van het Hof
Global Industry Affairs and Sustainability Leader, Trinseo

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