Sustainability Leader Message

I am very pleased to share with you Trinseo’s 2019 Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility Report and website, as it reflects our first full year of increasing our focus on sustainability and transparency with the adoption of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) framework for sustainability reporting.

Sustainability and corporate social responsibility are intrinsic to our organization and embedded into our daily culture.  

We have made great strides in building on our contributions in sustainability, which over the past eight years have included steadily reducing our environmental footprint and providing innovative solutions that help our customers deliver more sustainable products to consumers across the globe.

We are proud of the impact we’ve made in these areas, using GRI standards that helped us to take a deeper and more holistic look at our significant economic, environmental, and social impacts based on the priorities of our stakeholders. Through that analysis, we are setting a foundation to drive meaningful change across all areas of business, aided by impactful engagement from Trinseo leadership and employees. 

Our 2018 highlights much of our journey toward GRI compliance over the past year and our efforts to implement enhanced sustainable practices across our value chain, and this website and supporting documents highlight that journey. We are proud to share Trinseo’s operational, material innovation and social responsibility results from this past year, and are even more gratified to review and acknowledge the work that goes into driving long-term, positive change.

We look forward to building on these efforts in the future, and to sharing them with you.

Headshot of Trinseo's Global Sustainability Leader, Walter van het Hof

Walter van het Hof

Global Industry Affairs and Sustainability Leader, Trinseo

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