Trinseo | VW Golf wheel arch interior trim overmolded with MEGOL™ TPS-SEBS

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January 29, 2021

VW Golf wheel arch interior trim overmolded with MEGOL™ TPS-SEBS

The start of a successful business relationship

Volkswagen selected Söhner Kunststofftechnik GmbH to produce wheel cover arches for the VW Golf 7. This project marked the beginning of a new and successful business relationship between Trinseo and Söhner Kunststofftechnik GmbH, a specialist for plastic thermoforming technology with more than fourty years of experience and a comprehensive expertise in the manufacturing of high-quality plastic products.

A wheel cover arch is an interior application covering the front wheel section in the interior compartment. The German manufacturer was looking for a soft-touch material providing high versatility and easy flow for the injection of a long TPE lip around a polypropylene (PP) rigid substrate. The lip is required to work as a soft seal against rattling of the PP component. In addition to anti-rattling, it has to insulate the interior from dust as well as humidity. Trinseo’s MEGOL™ TPS-SEBS grade A 60 C1/FLX BLACK met all the customer requirements for the Golf 7's wheel cover arches.

Volkswagon Golf part

Approved against VW's specification VW 50123

MEGOL™ A 60 C1/FLX BLACK is in full compliance with the OEM's specification VW 50123 and enables our customer to produce a 2K part with optimized adhesion between the TPE seal and the PP rigid frame. The MEGOL™ TPE-SEBS grade offers a peeling force ≥ 7N/mm (acc. VDI 2019 standard) and good surface appearance without sink marks in the final part. 

The material offers flow properties that allow great design flexibility even with challenging geometries and long flow channels – an advantage that our MEGOL™ TPE-SEBS products already proved in many other automotive applications with different complex geometries.

MEGOL™ A 60 C1/FLX BLACK is suitable for both chassis and under the hood applications in a temperature range up to 120°C onto PP as a rigid substrate. In addition to its good insulation and sealing characteristics, our customers also appreciate its cost-effectiveness. The material provides good processability and supports shorter cycle times in the manufacturing process.

Volkswagon Golf part

The whole MEGOL™ family of TPS-SEBS compounds offers an optimized combination of the elasticity, look, and feel of rubber and comes along with the cost-efficiency of thermoplastics.

Typical features of MEGOL™ TPS-SEBS Compounds:

  • Optimal adhesion on rigid substrates (e. g. PP, ABS, PC, PC/ABS)
  • Good sealing properties
  • Low stiffness
  • Low VOC emissions, odor, and fogging
  • Excellent UV resistance

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