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API Plastic Acquisition

Trinseo and API Applicazioni Plastiche Industriali S.p.A. have signed a definitive agreement for Trinseo to acquire API including its manufacturing and research facility at Mussolente, Italy, and all of API’s business, employees and assets.

Bringing together the unique strengths of Trinseo and API, the combined Performance Plastics businesses will be well positioned to grow and capture new business opportunities on a global scale. With a broader portfolio of both rigid polymers and soft-touch polymers, the combined business will be ready to meet an even broader array of application needs. Customers also will benefit from new technology and the addition of strong talent from API with their deep application knowledge.

“API’s products are distinct from Trinseo’s and are complementary,” said Hayati Yarkadas, Senior Vice President and Business President, Performance Materials. “Trinseo’ rigid plastics have a very strong position in Automotive, Medical and Consumer markets. API’s soft-touch TPE products and technologies are very often used together with rigid plastics in similar applications, so the combination of Trinseo and API will benefit customers. The potential for the combined product offering, as well Trinseo’s global presence to bring API products into new geographies, means that this powerhouse portfolio of Performance Plastics will be an engine for growth in Trinseo.”

  • API Products: soft-touch polymers including TPEs, Thermoplastic Polyurethanes (TPUs), EVA-based Compounds, and Two-Components PU, as well as a portfolio of bioplastics
  • API Key Market Applications: Automotive, Footwear, Appliances, Furniture, Sporting Goods, Apparel, Consumer Goods, Packaging, Construction, and Medical.
  • Trinseo Products: ABS, Polycarbonate, Polypropylene, Polystyrene, SAN, polymer compounds, Synthetic Rubber (S-SBR, E-SBR, Li-BR, Ni-BR, Nd-BR), Latex Binders.
  • Trinseo Key Market Applications: Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Lighting, Appliances, Packaging, Medical Devices, Tires, Consumer Goods, and Construction.

Customers of API and Trinseo can expect the combined Performance Plastics business to serve their applications needs with a broader product offering of soft-touch and rigid polymers, as well as new technology from API and the addition of strong talent with deep application knowledge.

For more information on Trinseo’s Performance Plastics business: http://www.trinseo.com/Products/Plastics
For more information visit: www.APIplastic.com

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