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Durable and Efficient Resins for Building & Construction

Trinseo offers polystyrene, ABS, SAN, and polycarbonate resins for use in a wide range of building and construction products.

Architects, engineers, and building owners are always looking for ways to increase the safety, strength, and sustainability of their structures and signs, without detracting from the style. Additionally, the goals of energy efficiency and sustainability continue to drive more-stringent regulations, best practices, and innovation in the building and construction industry. Our team understands your needs today, and is forward focused, envisioning and planning for your needs for tomorrow’s high-quality, energy efficient, construction products.

Trinseo provides a variety of plastic resins that can offer the clarity of glass, the strength of steel, and the light weight of aluminum, as well as providing additional insulation and UV-resistant properties.

Trinseo also offers a range of high-performance thermoplastic solutions to produce structural sheets, allowing extruders to produce regular or insulation panels but also heavier and more complex multi-wall sheets with enhanced thermal insulation properties.

Our building and construction applications include:

  • Transparent roofing and glazing
  • Industrial signage and road marking
  • Hurricane panels
  • Insulation
  • Sanitary bathtub liners and shower trays

Our products include:

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