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Innovation, Experience, and Expertise in Medical Device Resins

Standing on more than 25 years of industry experience, Trinseo supports the medical devices market with superior product quality, outstanding consistency, and assurance of global supply.

Trinseo provides compounded plastics for medical applications in two primary application areas: Single- and Multiple-use Devices and Equipment Housings. We specialize in high-performance, polycarbonate-based, and Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) polystyrene solutions drawing on our industry-leading resins including:

We are a technology leader and innovator with many noteworthy accomplishments. Our patented color compensation technology is recognized worldwide. We offer biocompatible glass-filled resins that are unique in the industry. Our chemical-resistant polycarbonate compounds have been designed to resist the most challenging chemical cleansers used in healthcare environments.

Because medical regulatory compliance to ISO13485 standards is critical, Trinseo has developed internal processes to ensure the industry’s stringent guidelines are met. As such, our regulatory expertise is recognized and appreciated globally, and we place a strong emphasis on maintaining that leadership position.

Customers who use Trinseo advanced materials for medical applications have an important advantage. They are able to provide differentiated medical equipment ranging from improved resistance to chemicals to a greater aesthetic appeal to overall longer lasting equipment.

Select from our resources to learn more about our products and their applications in the medical device marketplace or get in touch with us directly and let’s discuss how we can work together.

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