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Innovative Materials for Premium Exterior Automotive Applications

Trinseo provides advanced lightweighting automotive materials for enhanced exteriors to global car manufacturers. Trinseo PC/ABS, ABS, and polypropylene (PP) are specifically developed for lightweighting, high-end aesthetics, and premium quality requirements. 

Our global reach is an important differentiator for our customers. Trinseo Automotive is the largest supplier for PC/ABS to the automotive market in Europe and North America. All of our new products are designed with global production in mind and available from production facilities in all major car production regions.

Trinseo products for exterior applications offer high-quality fit and finish, durability, and dimensional stability. Our MAGNUM™ ABS Resins and PULSE™ PC/ABS Resins enable less weight for reduced CO2 emissions and improved fuel efficiency. At the same time, they meet creative styling needs, allowing larger and more-complex shapes. Key features of MAGNUM™ ABS Resins and PULSE™ PC/ABS Resins are high heat resistance, high gloss, low density, and paintability. They meet low coefficient of linear thermal expansion (CLTE) requirements and are cost-effective alternatives to PC/PET and PC/SAN.

Use the options below to explore Trinseo’s differentiated technology and features primarily targeting exterior applications, such as bumpers, spoilers, wheel trims, grills, and trims.

Bumpers Trinseo Automotive offers talc-filled performance polymers exhibiting high flow characteristics in combination with high impact resistance and high stiffness, which are excellent for complex bumper applications.
Grills Trinseo Automotive’s PC/ABS solutions for painted exterior grills support weight and cost reduction without compromising superior aesthetics or quality.
Spoilers Trinseo’s groundbreaking materials solutions deliver advanced design, aerodynamics, and performance for spoilers. These resins comply with global OEM requirements, while meeting the challenges of spoiler design complexity, improved fit and finish, and lighter weight performance.
Trim For outstanding exterior trims, Trinseo offers globally available, innovative plastics with high flow and low density, enabling cost-effective processing, fewer CO2 emissions, and improved fuel efficiency for vehicles.
Wheel Trim Trinseo Automotive provides leading PC/ABS engineering resins to achieve optimal fit, high-end finish, and high-mileage performance for wheel covers.