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High-impact Polymers for Automotive Bumper Applications

Trinseo Automotive offers talc-filled performance polymers exhibiting high flow characteristics in combination with high impact resistance and high stiffness, which are excellent for complex bumper applications.

Bumpers play an important part in automotive exterior design. Today’s bumpers have evolved into complex applications of multiple components with high technical and aesthetical requirements – preferably made of plastics. Bumpers must absorb enough crash energy to protect the vehicle body and safety-related equipment from damages in low-speed collisions. They must also meet various regulated requirements regarding pedestrian safety during collisions. 

A bumper system’s material selection and design need to meet partly conflicting system requirements, including the development of advanced safety features like bumper airbags or distance control.

Trinseo’s low-density, talc-filled performance polyolefin polymers, like INSPIRE™ TF0808 Polypropylene Resins, are suitable for providing high impact resistance and high stiffness, combined with a high melt flow for fast-cycle molding and thinner walls at lower weight and cost. This delivers plastics-based bumper systems with equivalent dimensional and thermal stability of metal-based bumpers but with considerable economic advantages.
Get in contact with us to learn more about our advanced products like INSPIRE™ Polypropylene Resins or MAGNUM™ ABS Resins for bumpers and other premium exterior applications.


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