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Innovative Plastics for Lightweighting of Semi-­Structural Applications

Trinseo Automotive offers high-performance systems of polypropylene long-glass-fiber (PP LGF) and glass-filled (GF) alloys to meet the increased need for semi-structural, lightweight parts without higher cost or a loss of technical performance.

The automotive industry is facing regulations to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. A continuous reduction of part weight based on cost-competitive solutions is a necessity to meet the challenges of future automotive business. Advanced plastics solutions from Trinseo are able to replace heavier metal components for semi-structural applications, such as door modules, instrument panels, tailgates, front end carriers, or structural seating components.

With innovative systems like our ENLITE™ Structural Polymers family, you are able to save significant weight and cost – while maintaining, or even improving, the key performance of your semi-structural applications (e.g., stiffness, dimensional stability, and thermal resistance).

Use the links below to learn more details about the flexible, cost-reducing possibilities for semi-structural applications with Trinseo products. 

Door Modules For challenging applications like door modules, Trinseo Automotive offers ENLITE™ Structural Polymers that bring lightweighting and cost-effectiveness – without compromising design freedom or complex functionality.
Front End Carriers Innovative systems like ENLITE™ Structural Polymers from Trinseo Automotive help you create lightweight and cost-effective solutions for front-end carriers, while meeting complex structural and functional requirements.
Instrument Panels Semi-structural instrument panels support the complex requirements of design and functionality. Trinseo Automotive offers ENLITE™ Structural Polymers as solutions to reduce weight and meet multiple needs.
Seating Trinseo Automotive plastics for blow molding and injection molding help our customers continuously improve and realize their goals for semi­structural seating components. Our materials solutions support modularity, comfort, and safety, while significantly reducing weight and cost.
Tailgate ENLITE™ Polypropylene Long-Glass-Fiber (PP LGF) and ENLITE™ Long-Glass-Fiber (LGF) Alloys from Trinseo Automotive supports one of the core strategies for automobile manufacturers: increase fuel efficiency and thereby reduce CO2 emissions.