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Low Mass and High Strength for Semi­-Structural Vehicle Seats

Trinseo Automotive plastics for blow molding and injection molding help our customers continuously improve and realize their goals for semi­structural seating components. Our materials solutions support modularity, comfort, and safety, while significantly reducing weight and cost.

Key requirements for semi-structural parts for front-, mid-, or third-row seats include safety, modularity, comfort, and lightweighting. When addressing current trends like autonomous driving, the focus is not only on traditional functionalities but also on complex seat swiveling and inclination functions and the requirements of intelligent kinematics.

Suitable materials need to: support the application’s impact and creep requirements; be loadbearing and lightweight; and provide increasingly high design freedom for injection-molded parts. Uncovered, visible, semi-structural parts require an optimal surface appearance, low gloss, and good scratch and mar resistance.

Trinseo Automotive offers a wide range of specifically customized products meeting a multitude of requirements:

Ask our team about the many advantages Trinseo Automotive offers for your semi-structural seating application, such as weight and cost reduction; better styling opportunities and design and engineering freedom; and functional integration.

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