Trinseo's 2030 Sustainability Goals

Reaching a milestone celebrating our 10th anniversary this year, it is high time to embark on an ambitious, measurable, and achievable longer-term sustainability journey.

The ambitious plan, detailed below, includes 15 long-term goals grouped within five main categories that target climate change, sustainable product portfolio, supplier responsibility, responsible operations, and sustainable workforce. These goals were created, in part, from a critical assessment of the Company’s capabilities as well as valuable feedback from customers and suppliers.

Trinseo's 2030 Sustainability Goals

Climate Change Heading

Creating strategies to help address energy, GHG and climate change as a critical societal and environmental challenge

Goal 1: By 2035, reduce by 35% Scope 1 & 2 GHG emissions intensity (2017 base year)

  • With progress milestones of 10% reduction by 2025 and 20% reduction by 2030

Goal 2: By 2030, increase the share of electricity from non-fossil sources from 5% to 30% (2017 base year)

  • Achieving this goal also would result in an approximately 7% reduction of Scope 1 & 2 GHG emissions
  • Non-fossil sources mean nuclear and renewable sources, such as solar, hydraulic, wind, and tide

Goal 3: By 2025, establish a management system for Scope 3 emissions, and begin reporting and tracking Scope 3 emissions

Sustainable Product Portfolio Heading

Focusing our business and innovation to incorporate sustainability into our product offerings to customers

Goal 4: By 2025, 30% of Trinseo’ technology and innovation/R&D efforts will be aimed at circular economy solutions

Goal 5: By 2030, 40% of Trinseo’s products will be sustainably advantaged

  • Where ‘sustainably advantaged’ is defined as products that have recycled, renewable or degradable content contributing to a circular economy model, reduced/eliminated raw material substances of concern, or contribute to GHG emission reduction or material intensity reduction
  • Trinseo will achieve this goal without compromising on its plan to reduce asset footprint CO2 emissions or the commitment to using safer ingredients in new product development

Goal 6: By 2030, 50% of Trinseo products are used in applications that align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG)

Supplier Responsibility Heading

Extending our commitments to our suppliers, vendors, and value chain partners

Goal 7: By 2025, implement a Sustainability/CSR Due Diligence program for new key suppliers as an addition to the existing supplier on-boarding process

Goal 8: By 2030, 80% of our existing suppliers with recurring spend of >$100K are assessed and demonstrated to be compliant with our sustainability requirements

Responsible Operations Heading

Reducing the environmental footprint of our operations globally

Goal 9: By 2030, reduce freshwater intake by 20%

Goal 10: By 2030, reduce overall waste generation by 15%

Goal 11: By 2030, reduce waste disposal to landfill to zero

Goal 12: By 2030, all pellet-handling sites achieve zero pellet loss to the environment through Operation Clean Sweep

Sustainable Workforce Heading

Meeting societal expectations to live out our values of safety, respect for people, and employee engagement

Goal 13: By 2030, achieve gender balance in the organization through filling 50% of company open positions with women; and double the percentage of women in senior management and executive positions to 40%

Goal 14: By 2023, all employees will have a personal employee development plan which will enable the creation of holistic learning and development strategy to be implemented by 2025

Goal 15: By 2030, achieve one or more years of zero recordable injuries for employees and contractors globally

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