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Company Overview

Go from idea to innovation.

At Trinseo we believe in the power of ideas. That’s why every day, we partner with customers to create solutions and take their ideas further; pushing, shaping and adapting them until they become tangible solutions that don’t just improve the way we do things, but reshape the world forever.

We’re bringing ideas to life in smarter, more sustainable ways, using our premier expertise and best-in-class materials to unlock value for companies and consumers alike.


No matter the industry, we bring our vast experience, technical expertise and out-of-the-box thinking to every product we touch.

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We leverage our expertise in specialty solutions and sustainable materials to develop tailored solutions that benefit companies and consumers.

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At Trinseo, we recognize one of the industry’s greatest challenges is sustainability.

As we pioneer innovative material solutions, we’re helping our customers reach their sustainability goals through the use of recyclable products and renewable resources that help drive our circular economy. Trinseo’s technical experts will work with customers’ engineers during their new product development phase to create solutions that meet customers’ sustainability requirements, providing solutions that are both innovative and future-focused.

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From design to manufacturing, we'll work hand in hand with you to determine solutions unique to the needs of your business.