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Application Overview

With global reach and local capabilities to help you wherever you are, Trinseo delivers high-quality binder solutions for carpet applications, including tufted, woven and needlepunched carpet, flooring underlay, carpet tiles, and automotive textiles. Our proven product line sets the standard for high binding strength, and our agile technical service teams tailor Trinseo technology to your precise needs.

As the world’s largest supplier of latex binders for textiles and carpets, Trinseo is focused on providing solutions that keep the industry at the forefront of sustainability. Our diverse portfolio delivers low-VOC latex binders that help to reduce emissions during production.

Equipped with decades of extensive technical and market knowledge, Trinseo collaborates with your teams to provide solutions with unparalleled performance and versatility. Your ideas inspire our innovation.

Carpet Solutions for Peak Performance

Tufted Carpet

Trinseo’s portfolio of latex binders for tufted carpet deliver high dry and wet binding strength, excellent adhesion properties, low VOC levels, strong filler loading capability and versatility.


Woven Carpet

Our carboxylated styrene butadiene latex binders for woven carpet offer high binding strength, low process and final-product odor, and low tack, while maintaining tuft bind and bundle penetration.

Needlepunched Carpet

Our latex binders solutions for needlepunched carpet bring low process and final-product odor to both full-bath impregnation and one-side coating applications, while providing your desired level of end-product stiffness.


Carpet Tiles

Our binder solutions for use as a pre-coat on bitumen-backed tiles deliver good wet strength, dimensional stability, and excellent lamination. We also offer an environmentally responsible, high-performance system that can produce tile as broadloom, yet can be used in either broadloom or tile form.

Attached Cushion/Underlay

Based on self-curing carboxylated styrene butadiene latex, our innovative foam system enhances your flooring underlay applications and offers improved environmental health attributes.


Automotive Textiles

Our thermo-moldable binders respond to the growing need for high-performance automotive textiles, delivering low odor, excellent UV resistance, shape retention and insulation.



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