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STYRON™ Polystyrene Resins

For over 80 years, the family of STYRON™ Polystyrene from Trinseo has continued to evolve and remain a strong option for a diverse range of applications.

The incredible versatility of polystyrene (PS) polymers has allowed their use in everything from insulation materials and television housings to refrigerator liners and plastic service ware.

Our line of polystyrene materials includes:

  • STYRON™ General-Purpose Polystyrene (GPPS) offers performance and processing that make these resins well suited for clear or foamed applications in packaging and sheet and profile extrusion.
  • STYRON™ High-Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) combines toughness with other features, such as gloss and processability, for packaging and home appliances. Trinseo’s family of HIPS resins also includes STYRON A-TECH™ Polystyrene, STYRON™ C-TECH Polystyrene, and STYRON X-TECH™ Polystyrene for advanced levels of performance.

Trinseo offers a complete line of polystyrene materials in Europe and Asia Pacific. Polystyrene resins are available in North America through Americas Styrenics, a joint venture equally owned by Trinseo and Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP.

Learn how Trinseo is partnering with Styrenics Circular Solutions to transform the styrenics industry by taking advantage of game changing technologies that will unlock polystyrene circularity and make the material infinitely recyclable.


STYRON™ Polystyrene Resins

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