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EMERGE™ Advanced Resins

EMERGE™ Advanced Resins offer top performance in a well-balanced material.

By bringing together the excellent processability of polycarbonate (PC) with selected polymers and additives such as ABS, PET, or colorants, EMERGE™ Advanced Resins from Trinseo deliver compounds and blends with special properties needed for a variety of applications.

The materials can be designed for special performance requirements, including:

  • Outstanding toughness and impact strength
  • Color and aesthetics
  • Chemical resistance
  • Better processability
  • Improved ignition resistance (including halogen-free, chlorine-free, and bromine-free options)
  • UV stability
  • Improved mold release
  • Improved thermal stability
  • Recyclability
  • Design flexibility
  • Cost-effectiveness

Made to fit diverse requirements, EMERGE™ Advanced Resins are used in many industries and markets, including consumer electronics, medical devices, and home appliances.


EMERGE™ Advanced Resins are specifically designed to help develop solutions that deliver maximum end-use performance over the full range of electronics applications – including TVs, printers, laptops, and handheld devices.

EMERGE™ Advanced Resins comply with international environmental standards, allowing product solutions to be applied worldwide. Some ignition-resistant grades of EMERGE™ Advanced Resins are also halogen-free and comply with global environmental label requirements.

Medical equipment housings

Today’s medical equipment housings demand materials that deliver a unique combination of advanced properties, including toughness for enhanced product life, compliance with UL standards for powered devices, excellent visual appearance, and chemical resistance. Medical grades of EMERGE™ Advanced Resins bring together various polymers and additives to meet the most critical needs. Polymers in our 7700 Series of EMERGE™ Advanced Resins have undergone ISO 10993, Parts 5 and 10 biocompatibility testing (cytotoxicity, delayed contact sensitization, and intracutaneous toxicity).

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EMERGE™ Advanced Resins

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