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Product Stewardship

Trinseo Product Stewards focus on reducing the health, safety and environmental impact of Trinseo products throughout their life cycle.

We have Product Stewards in every region around the world where our materials are transported and sold. They’re responsible for defining and supporting regulatory compliance issues and conforming to product regulations and industry standards related to hazards, chemical inventories, and product handling restrictions.

Product Stewardship is a global focus at Trinseo and is centrally managed as part of our Corporate Legal Department.

Our commitment to product stewardship principles spreads throughout the company, joining colleagues from all areas of Trinseo including Research, Product Development, Manufacturing, Quality, Supply Chain and Sales and Customer Service. Trinseo encourages suppliers and customers to join its efforts to collaborate, innovate, and elevate industrial processes and expectations to ensure chemical products are managed safely throughout their lifecycles.


Trinseo’s Product Stewardship practices are based on the chemical industry’s Responsible Care® initiative and its Product Safety Code. Our business plans are based on this standard and annual self-assessments assist us in monitoring progress and performance.