Environmental Protection

Protecting the environment is a critical component of our 2030 Sustainability Goals.

Our mature EH&S audit program evaluates the regulatory compliance of our facilities. Trinseo completed its third-party recertification of our Responsible Care® Management System in 2022. Several facilities were also certified by ISO 14001 environmental management system. In addition to program and plant certifications, we also focus on emergency preparedness, crisis planning, and drills in the event of an environmental emergency.

Additionally, in 2022, each facility developed a specific business contingency plan to minimize any negative impacts to Company operations while first safeguarding our people and the environment.

For more information about how we are materializing our Environmental Protection goals, please visit our 2023 Sustainability Report.

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Highlights from Our 2023 Sustainability Report

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Climate Strategy

As part of our progress in reducing GHG emissions, Trinseo contracted ERM to assist with developing our Scope 3 emissions management system. In 2022, we completed a review of our management systems and began calculating our baseline data for tracking. As part of our ongoing work, we formed a council and subcommittee to fine tune our Scope 3 emission calculations and tracking to set target reductions in the future.

Product Carbon Footprint

In 2022, Trinseo partnered with digital transformations leader, Eviden (formerly known as Atos), to deliver data on the carbon footprint of our products for our customers to accelerate our net-zero ambitions. This data helps us provide transparency on our carbon commitments.

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Circular Solutions

In 2022, Trinseo took a significant step in advancing circularity and recycling efforts by completing the acquisition of Heathland B.V. Additionally, we built key partnerships that will help us materialize a circular economy. These global partnerships include Japan Steel Works Europe GmbH (JSW EU) and Circularise and International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC).

Product Safety & Stewardship

We are committed to minimizing the harmful impacts of our products on human health and the environment throughout all stages of the material life cycle. We follow the American Chemistry Council’s Responsible Care® Product Safety Code guidelines, design our business plans based on this standard, and use annual self-assessments to monitor progress and performance.

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