Thermoplastics, TPEs and Cross-Industry Expertise for Medical Wearables

Leveraging cross-industry technologies and expertise, Trinseo supports developments in digital and wearable medical devices with a broad portfolio of thermoplastics and thermoplastic elastomers.

Trinseo’s portfolio of rigid and soft touch plastics come together to support digital and wearable medical devices. Our plastics are widely accepted and used in the healthcare industry and meet the technical and aesthetic requirements of today’s digital and wearable devices.

This includes a variety of possible properties that range from skin contact compliant to materials having a complete battery of biocompatibility tests. We also have low density grades essential for light weighting, colorability for pleasing aesthetics, and UL 94 flame ratings to provide for added safety.

Other features of Trinseo materials essential for wearables include durability to withstand movement and jarring and materials to resist dirt, grime, and chemical agents.

With our portfolio of TPEs and superior color materbatches we’re able to provide a soft touch surface feel, texture and surface aesthetics to enhance any application. And with control over both the rigid substrate and soft touch material we can provide optional adhesion to provide complete satisfaction.

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