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Product & Marketplace Interests

Tracking and managing issues that potentially will impact our products is a main function of Trinseo’s Product Stewardship program. Industry trade associations play a key role in this effort.

As part of our effort to ensure product safety, we keep an eye on interests, concerns, and emerging trends involving our products. We continuously scan the marketplace for new information and monitor progress, and participate in industry associations. We evaluate alternatives and take action where necessary.

Following are examples of issues we track:

  • Polycarbonate / Bisphenol A (BPA) Safety: BPA is a monomer used to produce polycarbonate that gives the material its unique performance properties. Customers have been interested in it for some time due to a classification as a very weak estrogen mimic. The material has been studied for over 50 years and evidence-based research validates the safety of this raw material.
  • Styrene Monomer: Styrene is used to manufacture a number of our products. This material has been of interest relative to its safety for human health as well as the environment. The monomer has also been studied for over 50 years and there is extensive scientific evidence to support the safety of styrene-based products.