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Our approach to sustainable operations helps drive innovation for bold, creative ideas.

We continue to seek organic growth opportunities by expanding into key markets and investing in strategic technologies and solutions that meet the ever-growing and changing needs of our customers. Our acquisition of Heathland B.V. in the Netherlands served as an important milestone in this process. As we continue to grow our extensive sustainable product portfolio to meet evolving regulations and customer demands, this backward integration will be a cornerstone of those advancements by supplying our business with a reliable source of recycled feedstocks and recycling innovations.

Additionally, in 2022, we continued to establish our decarbonization strategy through sustainable investments, which is just one action we are taking to mitigate our environmental impact. Climate change has and will continue to have significant impacts on our environment, and our decarbonization strategy is a step toward managing our greenhouse gas emissions and reducing fossil fuel usage.

For more information about our sustainable business and operations, including our decarbonization strategy and supply chain and procurement practices, visit our 2023 Sustainability Report.


Progress on Our Supplier Responsibility Goals

Trinseo continues to evaluate suppliers against policies and procedures such as the Supplier Code of Conduct and Corporate Procurement Policy, which are utilized in our evaluations for the Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) scorecards and as part of our supplier selection criteria. In 2022, we set the goal of having at least 50% of A-suppliers opt into the EcoVadis rating system, which scores businesses on 21 issues under four themes: Environment, Labor Practices & Human Rights, Fair Business Practices, and Sustainable Procurement. We exceeded this goal and have set our sights on achieving an 80% opt-in target for 2023.
In 2022, we continued to contract Beroe, Inc. to analyze records related to financial checks, anti-corruption, sanctions and due diligence records, EcoVadis business sustainability ratings, and health and safety alerts to evaluate our suppliers based on compliance with Trinseo’s sustainability requirements. Additionally, we hired EcoVadis for an advanced solution to analyze and evaluate suppliers.

Highlights from Our 2023 Sustainability Report


Supply Chain & Procurement

We utilize our core values to guide our practices, and ethical considerations are part of how we conduct business. In 2022, we hired EcoVadis for an advanced solution to analyze and evaluate suppliers. As part of this, we now assess our top suppliers on key sustainability attributes that are standardized in the Trinseo Supplier Code of Conduct.

Global Process Improvements

In 2022, Trinseo officially opened its Global Business Services (GBS) hub in the city center of Dublin, Ireland, to drive our transformational journey. The GBS is the centralized processing operation for procurement and customer services. By utilizing a central operation, Trinseo can better align its processes for operations, finances, planning, and analysis.

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Operation Clean Sweep®

Trinseo is an active member of Operation Clean Sweep® (OCS), a plastics industry association effort to reduce plastic pellets in the environment. We trained several Pollution Prevention Auditors on OCS internal requirements, as well as implemented improvements to our facilities, including a bow-tie methodology pilot program and the installation of concrete blocks and fine-mesh nets along plant boundaries and roads.

Community Impact

We have a responsibility to plan for emergency scenarios so we can safeguard our employees, customers, neighbors, the environment, and our assets. Business Continuity Plans were completed for every Trinseo plant in 2022. These processes were established to minimize negative impacts on Company operations, while first safeguarding people and the environment.


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