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Reimagine the possibilities.

With decades of experience in the manufacturing space, Trinseo brings endless creativity to each partnership, helping our customers develop the world’s most innovative material solutions for their most challenging business needs.

Design without limits.

We leverage our technical expertise in specialty solutions and sustainable materials to develop tailored solutions that benefit companies and consumers. With each product and partnership, we focus on working with our customers as a true partner to create the smartest, most sustainable and highest-quality product possible.
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We understand the ever-changing demands that our customers face on a daily basis. Our goal is to be as responsive and agile as possible in order to find creative solutions that meet their evolving needs.
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Using leading compounding technology, we push the limits of what’s possible in material innovations. We also offer cutting-edge material technologies that can be specialized to achieve the specific colors, sizes, and performance attributes customers are looking for.
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Manufacturing & Operational Excellence

With our end-to-end technical consulting services, we help customers get the best solution and product possible by optimizing their equipment and machinery for peak performance.

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From design to manufacturing, we'll work hand in hand with you to determine solutions unique to the needs of your business.