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Industry Overview

Best-in-Class Consistency and Reliability You Can Count on for Infrastructure Applications

A global partner in latex binders innovation, Trinseo delivers best-in-class solutions and agile, local technical support for infrastructure applications. Bringing long-standing industry experience, state-of-the-art automated plants, and sophisticated quality control, our teams are passionate about collaborating with your business to create customized products that deliver unparalleled consistency and reliability.

At Trinseo, we stay connected to your team – and in tune with your project needs – to develop smarter, more sustainable infrastructure solutions for unmatched durability. Together, we build a strong foundation to support the long-term success of your business.

Latex Modified Concrete

Best in Class Consistency and Reliability

Meeting all critical requirements for concrete bridge deck overlays, parking decks, and other roadway surfaces Trinseo’s styrene butadiene (SB) latex solution, Modifier A™/ NA, is the market-leading product for latex modified concrete applications. With proven consistency and reliability, customers benefit from lower maintenance costs and long-term performance, spanning over 30 years, two times longer than better-known alternatives, including micro silica and polyester concrete.



Uncompromised Performance

Trinseo offers high-quality latex binders for durable sports surfaces, temporary roads, dust control, and other soil stabilization applications. Compared to lower-cost options, customers achieve faster drying and better bonding to diverse substrates, even under wet conditions.

Oil & Gas

Highly Specialized and Versatile

Trinseo latex binders perform under the temperature ranges and American Petroleum Institute testing specifications defined for well cementing. Our latex binders control fluid loss without adversely affecting the slurry's rheology or stability and does so at a wide range of temperatures, densities, and cement systems. Trinseo also offers a range of carboxylated and non-carboxylated styrene butadiene (SB) copolymers.




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