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Trinseo’s TYRIL styrene acrylonitrile (SAN) monomer polymers are strong, transparent engineering thermoplastics that offer a unique combination of clarity, processing ease, and cost-effectiveness for industrial and commercial lighting applications. Now Trinseo is adding a more environmentally friendly version to our portfolio, the TYRIL™ CO₂NET™ BIO.

TYRIL™ CO₂NET™ BIO benefits:

  • Replacing fossil- with bio-based styrene yields a 70 percent BIO formulation and a 74 percent reduction in CO2 footprint.
  • Replacing fossil- with bio-based ACN yields a 25 percent BIO formulation and results in a 19 percent reduction in CO2 footprint.
  • Replacing both raw materials yields a 95 percent BIO composition and a 93 percent CO2 footprint reduction.


Note that the percent CO2 reduction in the chemical constituents of ABS and SAN reflect the amount of that chemical in their formulations making carbon footprint impact proportionately similar.

Letter of Sameness

Trinseo’s TYRIL™ CO₂NET™ BIO can be used with existing tooling and equipment under the same processing conditions. There is no need to requalify any of the materials – they are structurally and functionally the same as their fossil-based counterparts. Letters of Sameness can be provided with this verification.


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