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PMMA Medical - ALTUGLAS™ Acrylic Resins

ALTUGLAS™ medical resins grades provide very good optical transparency combined with outstanding bonding characteristics, excellent scratch resistance and sterilization recovery. In addition, these resins offer ease of processing and very good flow properties, allowing for a wide range of manufacturing processes.

ALTUGLAS™ medical resins provide excellent ethyl/isopropyl alcohol (IPA) and lipid resistance. In addition, the inherent water-white clarity, transparency and ease of processing of ALTUGLAS™ grades make them suitable for medical devices and diagnostic lab-ware applications:

  • Dialysis and other blood therapy systems
  • IV components and drug delivery
  • Devices
  • Fluid control valves
  • Luers
  • Connectors
  • Spikes
  • Y-joints
  • Filter housings
  • Blood separators
  • Cardiopulmonary housings
  • Respiratory canisters
  • Yankauer suction apparatus
  • In vitro diagnostic systems

ALTUGLAS™ VSUVT provides exceptional UV transmission and excellent transparency, making it an excellent choice for in vitro diagnostic use.

ALTUGLAS™ SG-7 and ALTUGLAS™ SG-10 impact-modified resins are designed specifically for the medical market. These resins can meet some of the toughest device requirements in terms of processing, sterilization, clarity, performance and regulatory compliance. They are specifically engineered for intricate and multi-compartment parts, making them excellent for applications such as dialysis cassettes, IV components, drug delivery systems and canisters. Molded medical devices using these resins also offer good resistance to lipids, moisture, most inorganic aqueous solutions, saline solutions, mineral oil, and limited exposure to IPA in water.

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