Sustainable Solutions

Trinseo is committed to helping customers achieve their sustainability goals while supporting a circular economy with rigid, soft and emulsion polymers.  

Whether it is a partially fossil-based plastic that we manufacture or an emulsion polymer that coats a substrate, our goal is to make sure that Trinseo materials can be used, recycled and reused while preserving natural resources and reducing carbon footprints.

Choosing a sustainable material and determining sustainable content type isn’t a simple matter. Our customers gravitate to different solutions for a variety of reasons including performance property requirements, regional or industry regulatory considerations, and even consumer use of the application itself.

Trinseo offers its cross-industry expertise, a flexible solution orientation, and first-hand experience with sustainable technologies to meet this need. In addition, our corporate commitment to sustainability provides us with a multi-faceted perspective that results from broad insights and optimal creative solutions for our customers.

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