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With a focus on sustainable innovation, Trinseo is dedicated to helping customers worldwide achieve their sustainability goals while delivering rigid, soft, and emulsion polymers that support a circular economy.

Our product development aligns with global trends, such as lightweighting cars while maintaining safety and strength, sustainable living and housing, and consumer electronic products that we cannot live without.

Whether engineering plastics with recycled content or bio-based chemistries for latex binders, our goal is to make sure that Trinseo materials can be used, recycled, and reused while preserving natural resources and reducing carbon footprints. Our global Research & Development efforts focus on decreasing reliance on fossil fuels and developing sustainable, high-performance solutions.

At Trinseo, we know that choosing a sustainable material isn’t a simple matter. That’s why we act as a collaborative partner, working with your teams to customize solutions according to performance property requirements, regional or industry regulatory considerations, and consumer use of the application. Bringing cross-industry expertise and first-hand experience with sustainable technologies, Trinseo delivers future-focused materials that meet your evolving needs.

“Sustainability is much more than just using recycled raw materials or making sure that the product you make is recyclable. Sustainability for me is actually a multitude of different features that we can give a material – the way we produce it, the way it performs in the application, and the way it performs and recycles after the application.”

Pascal Lakeman, Global R&D Director

Meet Trinseo’s John Punches: The Mobilizer

At Trinseo, we’re one of America’s Plastic Makers. And we’re working towards a more sustainable future. Watch the video to learn how Trinseo’s John Punches is helping automotive manufacturers extend fuel efficiency while reducing tailpipe and greenhouse gas emissions through plastics.

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