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Our polycarbonate/acrylonitrile butadiene styrene materials (PC/ABS) combine the outstanding pureness and excellent processability of Trinseo's mass polymerization ABS resins with the superior impact and heat resistance of PC resins.

Trinseo's product families PULSE™ PC/ABS Resins and EMERGE™ Advanced Resins provide an industry-leading balance of attributes such as toughness (also at low temperatures), heat, ignition, and impact resistance that enable applications requiring enhanced physical properties and high aesthetic properties.

Our PC/ABS resins are available both pre-colored and as part of a self-coloring system. In close collaboration with our customers, the expert team in the Trinseo Coloring Group develops and implements solutions for all customer-specific coloring needs, whether for pre-colored material or to support the production of color masterbatches to supply together with our natural materials.

Worldwide, customers can benefit from supply security as a result of our compounding assets in each region (EU, NA, China). We offer our high levels of expertise and technical support along with our products around the world.

PC/ABS grades from our EMERGE™ Advanced Resins portfolio exhibit a special range of materials optimized to meet the complex needs of multiple markets, such as consumer electronics and medical devices.

PULSE™ PC/ABS Resins are ideally suited for items that require high heat distortion temperature and excellent toughness at low temperatures. PULSE™ PC/ABS grades are well-known materials, particularly in the automotive industry. The PULSE™ GX product range combines the advantages of low gloss, low density, and low-temperature ductility. It enables premium unpainted interior car applications, resulting in significant part costs savings due to the elimination of the painting step. For highly functional and aesthetic exterior car components, the PULSE™ XT series provides superior paint adhesion at lower density with low CLTE and/or high flow.

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