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Application Overview

As a global manufacturer of diverse materials, Trinseo provides Electric Vehicle (EV) battery packaging material solutions to support your exponential growth as the EV market continues to expand. Our materials not only meet stringent protective and safety requirements but also provide lightweighting and molding opportunities.

We offer a range of materials for EV battery packaging including busbar insulator, cell frame, cell holder, endplate, module cover, side crash protector, and tab holder. With a wide offering of polycarbonate (PC) and PC blended materials, we can help drive your innovation.

The future of the automotive market lies in sustainable innovation, and we can help you deliver on your environmental goals. Our thermoplastics allow for injection molding, enabling precision in design, as well as supporting circularity as part of lithium-ion battery recycling.

Our network of agile, localized teams can help you steer innovation in the EV marketplace by bringing your most creative ideas to life.

Materials for Module Cover and Busbar Insulator

Materials for Endplate

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